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Information Technology

Information Technology

Career Cluster: Information Technology     Area of Concentration: Information Systems

9th Grade

 English I

Algebra I

Physical Science

World Geography

P. E.

Education for Careers*/Health

Introduction to Business Computer Applications*

Elective (Choose from the list below)


10th Grade

 English II


Algebra II

Biology I


P. E.

Business Computer Applications*

Elective (Choose from the list below)


11th Grade

 English III OR English III-AP

Algebra III OR Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus


American History

World History

Word Processing*

Spanish I

Spanish II


12th Grade

English IV OR English IV-AP/Dual Enrollment

Calculus OR Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus OR

     Financial Math**


Environmental Science OR Biology II

Law Studies OR

     American Government-AP/Dual Enrollment

Fine Arts Survey (LVS) OR Art I OR Theatre OR


Desktop Publishing*

Cyber Security




ABC Welding-Dual enrollment (11-12)

Accounting I-Dual enrollment** (10-12)

ACT Prep – ½ credit (10-11)

Adult Responsibilities – ½ credit (11-12)

Advanced Band(9-12)

Advanced Theatre I, II, III (10-12)

Agriscience I, II, III (9-12)

Art II (10-12)

Choir (9-12)

Clothing & Textiles Occupations (11-12)

Clothing & Textiles/Advanced Clothing & Textiles (11-12)

Digital Electronics (11-12)

Entrepreneurship** (11-12)

Excel-Dual enrollment  (11-12)

Family & Consumer Science (9-12)

First Responder (11-12)

Forensic Science

Global Issues – ½ credit (9-12)

Housing – ½ credit (10-12)

Introduction to Engineering Design (9-11)

JROTC (9-12)

Nutrition & Food/Advanced Nutrition & Food (10-12)

Parenthood – ½ credit (11-12)

Principles of Engineering (10-12)

Psychology* (10-12)

Publications (11-12)

    Yearbook I & II

    Newspaper I & II

Sociology (10-12)

Spanish III, IV** (11-12)

Speech I**, II (9-12)

STAR I, II (11-12)


* Counts as a primary course.  Career path requires four.

** Counts as a related course.  Career path requires two.

Courses that count toward core requirements CANNOT be counted as primary or related courses.

†These courses require a teacher signature on your schedule request form.